Wow! Shocking Thing Happened During VP Debate…

During the first VP presidential debate, the moderator was once again biased on the side of the Democrat. Time Kaine, Hillary’s running mate was still seen as a liar and someone who cannot be trusted.

It only took half hour into the debate for Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate to explode when law enforcement issues were raised.

Kaine had begun by going crazy about how people are being unfairly targeted by cops, but Pence would not allow this. He told us a moving story about his uncle who had been a cop and said it’s “despicable” that Hillary and Kaine are pushing people away for supporting cops.

“Cops are the best of us,” Pence said. And “shame on you and Hillary Clinton” for painting all cops out as bad people.

Finally the presidential candidates are standing up for cops!

What are your thoughts on this?

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