Video: Try Gowdy Scares and Shocks Hillary With This HUGE Announcement…

Despite hitting a few road blocks, Trey Gowdy is still fighting to get the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton behind bars due to her use of a private mail server when she was the Secretary of State.

This interview was on the Fox Business Network Sunday and he outlined the key issues of the case and shows how this sets a terrible precedent for the integrity of the justice system in this country.

“We have to have confidence in the (FBI) the morning after the election; the morning after the inauguration,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy wasn’t happy with FBI Director James Comey’s comments last week that after the politics was over it might be possible to take a fresh look at the case.

“This isn’t about politics,” he said. “I want to take fresh look at it now.”

He was asked by the host if he believed that, in light of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Former President Bill Clinton just in advance of  the FBI releasing its findings, the FBI was pressured by the Department of Justice to make sure that Clinton would not face prosecution.

“The fact that you have to ask that question kind of proves my point,” he responded. “There used to be a phrase prosecutors went by and it goes like this, ‘May justice be done even if the heavens fall.”

“Justice,” he added. “That is the most important precept in our culture.”

“The fact that you had to ask me whether or not a meeting with a spouse of a target on the tarmac that was done surreptitiously could have affected the outcome is exactly what has many of us so upset. The Department of Justice should not be politicized,” he said.

Asked whether he was now powerless to do anything about the email scandal, Gowdy noted, as he has for the past week, there is one more jury to convene — voters on Election Day.

“If you are tired of a politicized Department of Justice, you need to replace that Department of Justice and that’s what the jury gets to do on November 8th,” he said.

Gowdy said his role is to “lay out the facts and the evidence for the jury and let them decide whether this person is qualified to be the leader of the free world, with all the false statements, with all of the concealment, with all of the false exculpatory statements…. whether that person should pick the next attorney general, the next secretary of state.”

He claims that one of the huge questions has yet to be answered.

“Could a President Clinton do what a Secretary of State Clinton did and if not, why not?” questioned the former prosecutor, noting that America does not want “grossly negligent people handling our classified information.”

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