Tim Kaine Caught Doing THE UNTHINKABLE During Debate – Watch Closely…

The vice presidential debate took place on Tuesday night, and even liberals ended up being put off by Tim Kaine’s overly-aggressive, obnoxious style of taking on Mike Pence. Now, a video has emerged that has sent Hillary Clinton’s campaign into panic mode, as it clearly shows Kaine disrespecting American cops in a sick way.

According to Conservative Tribune, it all started when Pence defended American police officers from the implicit bias Clinton claims perpetrates police departments all over this country. While Pence spoke out to honor U.S. cops, Kaine acted like he had ants in his pants, shifting around in his seat in an uncomfortable way.

In the clip below, Kaine looks uncomfortable almost immediately, but things really get weird around the one minute mark:

Kaine appeared as if he’d drank too much caffeine during the debate, displaying odd behavior throughout the full 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Pence appeared cool, calm, and collected during the debate, leading the majority of Americans to declare him the victor. Even many liberals acknowledged that Pence beat Kaine in this debate.

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