Obama Slamming Political Opponents!!

It has begun…

In recent years, Sheriff Joe Arpaoi has been valiantly trying to fight illegal immigration along the Mexican border in Arizona. He has been trying to enforce federal laws in the area to protect the citizens in his jurisdiction.

However, Obama has been trying to amend these laws as he wants more of these Mexican “dreamers” because they vote for the Democrats.

Things are getting so dangerous on border areas that signs warning locals have been erected.


Arpaoi has been doing his best in difficult circumstances and the people appreciate him, as they have voted him in since 1993.

He has been supporting Trump due to his hard stance on illegal immigration.

He is currently being prosecuted by the government for adhering to the laws they previously made, simply because Obama doesn’t like these laws. This is not the first instance of this happening.

What are your thoughts on this?

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