Thanks to the great team of lawyers at the Judicial Watch, they have been causing huge problems for Obama and his team in the white House. They have been filing requests to learn every single thing about Obama’s plan to import thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees into our country. They have even taken him to court already as he had been refusing to release this information.

This exposes Obama’s corruption and could spell the end for these refugees getting into America.

Judicial Watch is suing the Department of State for documents related to President Barack Obama’s Refugee and Resettlement program as part of an investigation into the Obama administration’s plan to admit at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year, the conservative foundation announced Monday.

The suit was filed in Washington, D.C., after the State Department failed to respond to two Freedom of Information Act requests from Judicial Watch in 2015. In May, Judicial Watch sought records related to the State Department’s agreements and interactions with voluntary agencies that help place and assist new refugees. In September, Judicial Watch sought records regarding an August meeting between State Department representatives and a South Carolina non-profit.

“The Obama administration doesn’t want Americans to know about how it places refugees from terrorist states in their local communities,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says in a statement Monday. “The fact we had to file a federal lawsuit to obtain basic information about Obama’s dangerous refugee plans should tell Americans (and Congress) that the Obama administration has something to hide about refugees, terrorism, and national security.”

These Muslims were set to be imported and arrive before officials could even document them. For all we know, there could be terrorists among these groups and they could quickly go off the radar.

What are your thoughts on this?

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