Massive Mistake By MSNBC After They Asked Hillary A Question About Sorority Girls on Live TV… Accidentally Destroyed Her…

MSNBC seemed to temporarily forget who they are supporting in the presidential election and they quickly tried to cut their feed as the hurt Hillary’s chances right before the VP debate was about to start.

While she is the first female nominee for president, she is not popular with a lot of women, millennials in particular.

MSNBC asked a number of sorority girls about who they would be voting for. While they said it would be great to see a woman president, they added this killer blow:

They followed up asking the girls if they felt connected to Hillary Clinton.

They all shouted “NO!” in unison!

The VP debate is being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia on Tuesday night.

Stephanie Ruhle went on to ask her guest on the show why this would be and said “We’re seeing Hillary Clinton pick up steam with more women every day, but why this younger generation, these millennials, do they believe there’s this disconnect?”

She had previously called Bernie Sanders supporters “basement dwellers.”

There were also her private email scandal which should have seen her behind bars, the scandal of the Clinton Foundation providing political favors for donations and many other similar controversies.

We applaud these girls for speaking their minds live on television.

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