Look What Happened When Hillary Walked Downstairs After Debate — Watch Closely…

As soon as the final presidential debate ended on Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton was seen hesitantly walking towards the stairs that led down from the stage and onto the audience area.

Given Clinton’s lengthy history of having trouble descending and ascending staircases due to her various health problems, many viewers were curious to see how she would handle this staircase. Unfortunately, however, nobody got a chance to see her go down the stairs because the media cut away from her at the very moment she was about to take her first step down.
According to Conservative Tribune, the mainstream media quickly cut to Donald Trump shaking hands with moderator Chris Wallace, returning to Clinton 12 seconds later when she had already completed her trip down the stairs. You can watch what happened in the video above this story.

This is just the latest example of the mainstream media protecting Clinton, which has led Trump and his supporters to say that this election is rigged against him. However, their move has raised even more questions about Clinton’s health, as many have pointed out that a healthy person would never take a full 12 seconds to descend that small staircase.
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