JUST IN: Hillary Clinton To Make Her First Public Appearance Since Election Loss – CAN YOU GUESS WHERE?!

After being annihilated by Trump, Hillary has finally mustered the courage to face the public.

Hillary Clinton will make her first public appearance since losing the presidential election to Donald Trump at a Wednesday event, according to Bloomberg.

A Clinton aide confirms that the former secretary of State will attend an awards ceremony in D.C. where she is being honored by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Clinton worked for the organization in the 1970s following her graduation from law school. She frequently touted that role on the campaign trail to illustrate her commitment to helping children. Her Wednesday appearance will come exactly one week after Clinton conceded the election and during that speech, called on Americans to keep an open mind about the president-elect.

Do you think this is yet another example of Hillary leveraging connections to selfishly better herself? 
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