Just Before Trump Went On Stage, Ben Carson Caught Trump Doing This When He Was Alone

Before the last debate, something Trump was doing just before going on stage caught his eye.

Donald Trump was seen, and supposedly “prayed this morning with James Robison and we talked about it” said Carson.

“He is coming ever closer to the Lord,” Carson commented. When asked if Trump had inquired about forgiveness from God, he simply replied “Yes. Absolutely.”

This news isn’t exactly surprising for evangelicals, who have tended to support GOP candidates over time, but it is a step in the right direction. Trump’s comments regarding his treatment of women have cost him a lot of support in the polls, but his base still believes he is the man to run this country.

Carson has said that while he “can’t defend the video” of Trump” he will “certainly continue to support him because I think what he represents is far superior to what Hillary represents.” Fortunately, Carson isn’t alone.

Along with Carson, LIFE Outreach International founder James Robison believes that Trump is on the right path. Following the last debate, Robison stated that his meetings with Trump haven’t been for publicity, but rather, the candidate is really coming closer to God:

“When I have met with Mr. Trump, it wasn’t a meaningless photo op. There were no pictures and it wasn’t wasted time. I encouraged him, while assuring him of our love for him and his family, and concern for America’s future. But I also spoke bluntly and forcefully about where I’m convinced he needs to make essential changes in his approach and rhetoric while gaining the wisdom that comes from above to become the effective leader necessary to correct our nation’s dangerous course.”

Now, the liberal media is doing a good job of painting all of Trump’s supporters with a broad brush, but the fact of the matter is his base is so diverse that it’s impossible to lump them all into one group. The media, for some reason, just doesn’t get that Hillary is viewed as a huge threat to our nation.

Ben Carson said it best when discussing Trump’s comments from over a decade ago, “I’m a Christian voter and I’m not OK with it, but I can look at the bigger picture, and I think a lot of other Christians can look at the bigger picture too.”


Although the election may seem like a battle of evil against more evil, remember, no matter what happens, God’s plan will be carried out!

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