Huge Announcement Made By The Teamsters Union About Trump… Absolute Game Changer!

Teamsters are one of the most influential worker’s unions in the land and they have known to always support the Democrats when it comes to elections. They have roughly 1.4 million members across the nation, as well as in Canada and they have been vital for the success of Democrats in certain regions.

However, this year it looks like they are not going to endorse either of the candidates, with one member hinting that support was leaning towards Trump rather than Hillary.

There was a Facebook page launched called “Teamsters United For Donald J. Trump.” And sees members of the union discuss their support form Trump.

“We all like Trump,” Caracciolo explained to Breitbart News, pointing to trade as a major reason. He also added that support for Hillary Clinton was unlikely as she “was in the initiation process” for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“We went out and we went against those trade agreements,” he explained. “We need to stop the free trade because it’s hurting our country,” he added. “Basically, this is why Trump is more appealing to me, close the borders … work on the currency manipulation and the trade deficits.”

He is concerned about how many people will lose their jobs if Hillary gets into power.

“Hilary Clinton talks about jobs, but the trade agreements caused Ford to be able to move to Mexico,” he said.

He also thinks when Trump cracks down on illegal immigration there will be more jobs for citizens.

“I believe that if there’s less people in the workforce, or available for work, they got to pay for them,” he explained. “It’s like supply and demand.”

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