Hillary Issues SICK Response To Hurricane Matthew As It Hits US

Hurricane Matthew is set to hit Florida today and a state of emergency has been declared in multiple states. As millions of Americans are praying for the people whose lives will either be lost or devastated by this hurricane, Hillary Clinton is busy trying to use this tragedy to benefit herself.

According to The Political Insider, Clinton is trying to appeal to voters in the crucial swing state of Florida by investing in $63,000-worth of ads on The Weather Channel that will run as the hurricane rages in the region.

The Weather Channel gets a massive spike in viewership during natural disasters, and not just in states that will be hit all over the country. Americans all over the country will be tuning in to see what the status of the hurricane is.

It says a lot about Clinton’s character that her first thought when hearing about a hurricane is about how she can use it to benefit herself. SHARE if she makes you SICK!

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