Hillary Clinton Demanded Recount, IMMEDIATELY Gets SHUT DOWN in BEST WAY EVER!

The Hillary campaign slammed Trump for his remarks about refusing to concede in the event of an unfair election. This became a topic of much debate, oftentimes being leveraged by the Hillary campaign as major Trump fault.

Now, ironically, the Clinton campaign refuses to accept their fate; requesting a recount in several major states. Is this a ploy to remain relevant? Perhaps. While the results are close by %, the raw numbers tell a slightly different story. A massive flaw in the vote system would need to exist to account for hundreds of thousands of incorrectly tracked votes.

Even worse, Jill Stein, who is leading the recount efforts, raised enormous amounts of money to file for the recount. Much more money, in fact, that she reportedly needs to perform the task. Moreover, the states still could reject the request. This begs the question, are Jill Stein’s motives pure?

With millions to gain and nothing to lose, we maintain our suspicions. The vague verbiage on her site concerning excess funds further validates said suspicions. Beyond that, Jill Stein being the captain of the recount ship makes her look like Hillary’s puppet. And, at the same time, makes Hillary seem like a coward who refuses to directly and publicly admit to her hypocritical behavior.

Do you want a president fair weather president? A president that will flip flop positions depending upon how well it suits her position?

Watch how Kellyanne completely annihilates Hillary for her recount efforts:

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