BREAKING: President Obama Just Gave Hillary The Worst News EVER – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

One of Obama’s WORST “contributions” to the US is the Affordable Care Act. While we’ve all paid for this massive mistake, Hillary might end up taking an even BIGGER hit than us. Obamacare hasn’t been without its problems, and this is a big one.

The Obama administration just announced that healthcare premiums under the Affordable Care Act will see a double-digit hike in 2017.

Premiums on a standard plan will increase an average 25% in the 39 states covered by the site. Healthcare recipients are also facing a drop in available plans, as carriers reduce their role in the federal healthcare plan. Most consumers, however, are shielded from these price hikes, especially if they return to the exchanges to shop after enrollment opens Nov. 1. Some 85% of Obamacare enrollees receive federal subsidies, which can lower their premium to less than 10% of their income. The subsidies are pegged to the second-lowest cost silver plan in their area, known as the benchmark plan.

The announcement comes shortly before enrollment opens on November 1. Ted Cruz and other Republicans opposed to the Affordable Care Act have already used the premium hikes in their arguments to repeal the healthcare program.

Hillary Clinton has taken a lot of heat over Obamacare, a healthcare plan she wants to continue. But news of the price increase will undoubtedly give Donald Trump a chance to use this against her, and considering it will cost people more, it will be a difficult argument for Hillary.

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