There is no such thing as man-made “global warming.” It has simply been a conspiracy pushed by liberals to grow the size of government and control our lives.

Global Warming is a liberal conspiracy theory, which Donald Trump fully understands. He refuses to be duped by left wing agendas and clearly sees through their bullsh*t.

Now, Trump has made the first appointment of his administration, and liberals are furious!

VIA| Myron Ebell, a scholar and Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), is now officially leading Trump’s transition team on environmental issues. Ebell has been a constant thorn in the side of the Obama administration’s unconstitutional environmental regulations and shameful green energy policies.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been lost in the scam climate change industry, but now that’s about to end.

Here is how the Cleveland Plain Dealer lamented the historic appointment of Ebell:

One clue, aside from Trump’s campaign speeches, is that Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is heading up environmental issues on Trump’s transition team. Ebell is a leading skeptic on the role of emissions in climate change.
“I think it is virtually certain that the Clean Power Plan will be revoked. The only question is how,” said Jeffrey Holmstead, former EPA administrator, now a private lawyer and partner at Bracewell LLP.

“Exactly how they do it will depend on what happens in the court case. And will they be able to do it in a way that will withstand legal scrutiny,” he said during the press conference today.

If the court throws out the plan, then the new administration will most likely not appeal it, he said, effectively ending it.
You can imagine the resignations happening at Obama’s EPA right now.

There is no world leader who has been as outspoken about “global warming” than Trump:


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