BREAKING: DONALD TRUMP Just Got The BEST News Of The Campaign!! Nov. Is not Even Going To Be Close!!

Since the start of polling between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump has always been seen negatively by the liberal media in terms of poll numbers. The problem is stemmed from election experts stating that Trump has reached his peak amount of supporter and with a largely negative outlook from the ethic population and population of the swing states.

It’s incredible with the most recent poll was released showing the liberal media completely wrong! Trump has been able to attract voters to the Republican party and is leading Hillary in a critical three swing states.

Clearly voters are unhappy at America’s national security being at risk due to Hillary Clintons incompetence at her handling of her email scandal! Donald Trump is seeming to be on track to secure a large election victory that hasn’t been seen since the Ronald Reagan Era!
Read the following statement from the Hill that gives us a detailed account was to why the rise of Donal Trump is due to skyrocket!

Donald Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Florida and has a lead in the swing state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University.

Trump leads Clinton, 42 to 39 percent, in Florida in the latest Quinnipiac University poll. That’s an 11-point swing from last month, when Clinton led, 47 to 39 percent.

Trump has also retaken the lead from Clinton in Pennsylvania, where he now leads her, 43 to 41 percent. Last month, Clinton held a slim lead, 42 to 41 percent.

The pair remains tied in Ohio, where Republicans will gather to formally nominate Trump at a convention in Cleveland next week. Trump and Clinton each get 41 percent apiece there. In the poll last month, each won 40 percent.

The shift in the polls comes after a tough week on the campaign trail for Clinton, who dodged criminal charges from the FBI over her use of a private email server as secretary of state but was criticized harshly by FBI Director James Comey.

Clinton has had difficulty in winning over voters throughout the election, and Comey’s remarks were further ammunition for Trump and Republicans to attack her trustworthiness.

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