BREAKING: Debate Moderator Chris Wallace Makes MAJOR Announcement – This Changes Everything

With just hours before the final debate, moderator Chris Wallace came forward to reveal his strategy. I

The Huffington post reports that Wallace will intervene as little as possible and will primarily function as a time keeper.

“An interview ― it’s you and the candidate, and you’re the person holding them to account…This is a debate. And, you know, they’re both going to be on the stage. If I think there’s a need for me to intervene, I will, but I would prefer not to.”

Liberals are now panicking because they know this debate WILL NOT be rigged like the previous ones. Wallace is already preparing for the backlash he will receive from Democrats.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do in the moment… But my disposition is I would rather have the two candidates speaking to each other, than speaking to me.”

He added, “You make yourself too big a figure as moderator in the debate, it’s not a debate anymore… It’s like a couple of side-by-side news conferences and I don’t think that is your point.”

Sadly, the liberal media is going to RIP him apart. But we stand by Chris! Please spread the word, CHRIS needs our support!

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