BREAKING: Ahead Of Wisconsin Recount, 5,000 Trump Votes DISQUALIFIED – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Wow, this is NOT GOOD.

On Friday Jill Stein officially filed for a recount of the presidential election votes. This was after the state of Wisconsin has revised their vote totals, and Hillary Clinton gained 1500 votes.

From The Palmer Report:

At the end of election night the New York Times reported that Donald Trump had won the state of Wisconsin with a total of 1,409,467 votes, giving him a winning margin of 27,257 votes over Hillary Clinton’s total of 1,382,210. These numbers were based on what the individual counties and precincts were reporting that night. But now seventeen days later, based on various Wisconsin precincts revising their own totals, Dave Wasserman of the respected Cook Political Report has updated the totals. Donald Trump now has 1,404,536 total votes in Wisconsin, while Hillary Clinton now has 1,382,011 total votes.

Donald Trump has gone from originally having 1,409,467 votes to now having just 1,404,536 votes in Wisconsin. In other words, a total of 4,931 votes were reported for Trump on election night that never existed.

Originally Trump won Wisconsin by 27,257 votes. (A winning margin of 0.7%)

Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes. (A winning margin of 0.3%)

Do you think Trump won fair and square???
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