BOOOM!! Liberal Comedian Gets ANNIHILATED For Anti-Trump Comments – WATCH HOW THE CROWD RESPONDS!

Liberal comedian Wanda Skyes just got the surprise of a lifetime at her show in Boston. She mistakenly believed her audience was packed with Hillary Clinton supporters. Boy was she WRONG!

The Boston Herald reported that things spiraled so far south for the comedian that she ended up giving her audience the middle finger as she left the stage. The show attendees erupted in loud boos.

Sadly, the liberal comedian took advantage of a fundraising event to spit her political rhetoric. During her show, she said:

“I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president.”

After getting a brutal response, Skyes lost it, saying, “(Expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you,”

Unfortunately for Sykes, there were many more Trump supporters than she could have ever imagined.

Do you think Sykes deserved to get BOOED?
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