BOOOM!!! JUDGE Just Officially OBLITERATED EACH & EVERY RIOTER With a 15 Year Sentence For …

The level of hipocrisy when bandits from Baltimore attacked law enforcement agents, setting their vehicles ablaze and simultaneously seeking justice is too high. Nevertheless, a judge from Baltimore has shown the justice deserved when he imprisoned Donta Betts, a last year protester to prison for 15.

Aside from the attention this case has attracted, Donta’s justification in front of the judge also did not go unnoticed.

Prosecutors confirm Betts saying the following: “I did all this because that was my period to go wild on police.”

This is why he Black Lives Matter organization is little respected outside their own fanatic circle. They behave in a megalomanic manner and defile the men and women who put their lives on the line to make the streets safer.

Liberals and Democrats are forced into submission by the Black Lives Matter organization. The right, on the other hand, just thinks they’ve been unemployed for too long and need a lesson in manners.

Attorney Rod Rosenstein said, “Donta Betts was a menace to society here in Baltimore. The scope of the criminal activity he was involved in is really breathtaking.”

Rosenstain emphasized Donta’s misdeeds from “throwing rocks to destroying police cars, starting fires, (and) stealing from pharmacies.”

This delinquent deserves to be made an example of, and he has been.

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