A NUCLEAR BOMB Just Detonated on the Debate Stage – DID YOU SEE THIS?

Moments after Hillary tried to attack Trump for the alleged issues with women, Donald SNAPPED BACK by pointing out that BILL CLINTON WAS and IS GUILTY. More importantly, Bill lied under oath about his guilty activities!

Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Those stories have been debunked and I should talk about something slightly different” he continued, the stories were probably “started by her sleazy campaigns

Then he drops a BOMB, saying: “what isn’t fiction is her destroying 33,000 emails… We have a 4 star general today going to potentially serve 5 years in jail for lying” once… Meanwhile “hillary has lied hundreds of times… and she gets away with it. That’s really what you should be talking about”

Do you think Trump won the debate?

What Do You Think?